[FB-Discuss] [FindBugs]Source file directory usage???

Muthu Velappan muthu.velappan at aspiresys.com
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Yes, that’s Correct.
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Hi Mathu,
Thanks for your response. Does that mean FindBugs will rely on the the class files so class files or archive must exist for the analysis, otherwise it does not work??


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Subject: RE: [FB-Discuss] [FindBugs]Source file directory usage???
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If I understood the question correctly, then you want to analyse the code with respect to source files which findbugs does not. It always analyse the class files and point the error in source, if it has been provided with the source folder.
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Subject: [FB-Discuss] [FindBugs]Source file directory usage???
Just want to make sure how to use the FindBugs GUI to scan the Java source directory? As from the Manual, it should specify the root DIR of the package, but I specified it and the finish button cannot be used . 
Also tried the  Wizard on the FindBugs GUI to see if it can scan out the source files to analyze, but after that Wizard, still cannot get the the New Project GUI's Finish button works.
I tried the JAR file (Class archives to analyze), that works, but the Source directories does not.
Can you please kindly help??

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