[FB-Discuss] List of all bugs, categories and warning level

Jon Schewe jpschewe at mtu.net
Sun Jul 25 16:57:51 EDT 2010

On 07/23/2010 03:19 AM, Michael Dänzer wrote:
> Hello
> We do use FindBugs in a CI Build with ANT using the nice include and
> exclude xml file filter feature. Our approach (as we are maintaining a
> huge legacy product) is to switch on one further category for one
> warning level for each development increment, fix the issues and go on
> with the next category in the next increment.
> There is a nice description of all bugs in the doucmentation, there is
> one in the Eclipse plugin, but what we are desperately missing is a
> full and up-to-date list with all bugs including their category (with
> the category code to use in filter files) and including the warning
> level. Is there such a list, and if no where can I found the
> information particular necessary for filtering such as category code
> and warning level of a bug?
I don't know about a full list, but the Hudson plugin shows the category
code and warning level of a bug in it's output. Would that help? Or are
you looking for the information before running FindBugs on a codebase?

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