[FB-Discuss] FindBugs 3.0.0 released; Java 8 compatible

Bill Pugh pugh at cs.umd.edu
Sun Jul 6 23:31:13 EDT 2014

We have published FindBugs 3.0.0:

The primary changes are:
FindBugs supports Java 8 now (both as runtime and target platform). We don't recognize all of the new Java 8 features, or detect many Java 8 specific bug patterns, but we can analyze Java 8 code without getting runtime exceptions.
FindBugs requires minimum Java 7 as runtime environment!
FindBugs uses ASM 5 now which means that some 3rd party detectors based on FindBugs 2.x/ASM 3 has to be upgraded. See details in ASM documentation.

For people who need to run FindBugs using a Java 5 or 6 runtime, you should stick with the FindBugs 2.0 branch.

Many thanks to Andrey Loskutov, who has put in a lot of work over the past few months, and particular the past few weeks, to get it ready for release. 

Bill Pugh

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