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Juan Martín Sotuyo Dodero juansotuyo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 20:11:22 EDT 2016

I just created a SpotBugs organization, project, and pushed the whole
FindBugs commit history and tags there (we can add the Findbugs repo as
remote and send PRs there at any time). You can find it here:

I also enabled github pages, and put together a reduced version of the
website under https://spotbugs.github.io/ At some point I'll try to put
together a new / simpler website.

The logo is just something I put together in 10', definitely needs to

I just invited Dave Brosius, ThrawnCA and Andrey Loskutov. If anyone else
wants access, just request it! I set it up so that everyone (even team
members) have to submit a PR to merge to master after peer review (only
squash + rebase, to keep history linear).


On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 5:21 PM, Dave Brosius <dbrosius at mebigfatguy.com>

> I pinged Bill on twitter, but he ignored me (a week), I take that to mean,
> the only way forward is a hard fork.
> On 11/05/2016 11:15 AM, Andrey Loskutov wrote:
>> Just few clarifications, see below.
>> Am 02.11.2016 um 14:01 schrieb Nicolai Parlog:
>>> And even I got the impression that BCEL is a fickle dependency. I have
>>> to admit that I don't exactly know how it does its job but since it's
>>> pretty low level I would bet a decent amount of money that it doesn't
>>> even work on Java 9. (This should be checked, though!)
>> Sad you didn't bet, because it works on Java 9 beta releases, see
>> https://github.com/findbugsproject/findbugs/releases. However Java 9
>> scope is still not final (OMG), so there are still chances that neither FB
>> nor BCEL will work on the final Java 9 version.
>> More questions
>>> ensue, which the maintainers can probably answer:
>>> * Wasn't FindBugs using a BCEL fork?
>> It was, but we forced BCEL to release 6.0 which we use right now.
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