[FB-Discuss] Announcing SpotBugs as FindBugs successor

Andrey Loskutov loskutov at gmx.de
Thu Sep 21 18:48:01 EDT 2017

Hi all,

This is my last mail on this mailing list, and a follow up on:

TL;DR: FindBugs was dead because the project lead left us without admin rights and any response for more then a year now. SpotBugs is the natural successor, we have 3.1.0 RC5 now and plan to release RC6/final version as soon as ASM 6 final will be released.

Since I've wrote the mail above, few volonteers stepped in and helped us to give the FindBugs project a chance to survive.
Because FindBugs name is a trademark, we had to change it to something different, so SpotBugs. 
The code was moved to another repo and we setup the home, mailing list and tracker on github.

Home: https://spotbugs.github.io
Mailing list: https://github.com/spotbugs/discuss/issues?q=
Bug tracker: https://github.com/spotbugs/spotbugs/issues
Code: https://github.com/spotbugs/spotbugs
Manual: http://spotbugs.readthedocs.io/en/latest
Eclipse plugin: https://spotbugs.github.io/eclipse-latest

We plan to release SpotBugs 3.1.0  RC6 / final version as soon as ASM 6 will be released, this should happen by the end of September. 

Once the SpotBugs 3.1.0 RC6 will be out (and most likely this will be the last RC before the final release), we will have command line, ant, maven, gradle and Eclipse bits in place, plus a brand new manual. 

The list of changes compared with last official FindBugs 3.0.1 release is here: https://github.com/spotbugs/spotbugs/releases. 

Most notable changes are (sorry if I've missed something) :
- SpotBugs will run on just released Java 9.
- SpotBugs requires Java 8 or higher to run.
- SpotBugs Eclipse/maven plugins changed they ids. 
- SpotBugs uses BCEL 6.1 and ASM 6. 
- SpotBugs Gradle plugin requires Gradle 4 or higher. 
- SpotBugs Eclipse plugin requires Eclipse 4.6 or higher.
- SpotBugs uses now Gradle as build driver. 
- SpotBugs manual is hosted now on readthedocs.
- SpotBugs has new test fixture for detectors.
- SpotBugs uses Travis to automatically validate pull requests.
- and many other bug fixes and contributions from the community.

We hope that all users of FindBugs can move to SpotBugs without big problems, see transition guide in the new manual. 
We also hope that you will support SpotBugs in the future, by testing, reporting bugs and contributing to the project.
Your help is really needed, in fact, further development is only possible with the help from the community.

Please do not forget to subscribe you to the new mailing list and issues tracker (links above).

I would also like to say BIG THANKS to all people helped us to create SpotBugs (see https://github.com/spotbugs/spotbugs/graphs/contributors?from=2016-11-02&to=2017-09-21&type=cbut). 

My special thanks are going to Juan Martín Sotuyo Dodero and Kengo TODA. Without this two we would never see SpotBugs project in its current form. Thank you guys!

Last words on this mailing list: I could never imagine that this will ever happen, and it makes me really sad to say: goodbye FindBugs! It was a good and long life, you helped millions of developers for a decade. Thank you Bill and David for such a useful tool, and I'm very sorry by announcing this, but the show must go on.

Hello SpotBugs!
Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov


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